Thrive Admissions

You have made a great choice to explore the possibilities for you at Thrive! Next step – complete the application below.

The Thrive Life Team wants you to have a fresh start.
We want you and your children to have a safe, nurturing place to call home.
We want to help you do more than just survive.
We want to do all we can to help you learn to thrive.

Portrait happy young women friends relaxing on blanket in sunny park

At Thrive you will have a temporary refuge for healing, restoration and growth. It’s not a shelter or a room for rent, but a safe haven and a community of support to guide and encourage you as you build a plan for your life. You will be equipped with the skills, tools and resources you need to provide a healthy, stable, flourishing home for your family.

Admission Criteria

  • A strong desire to make life changes and a willingness to accept help to make those changes
  • A teachable heart that is eager to receive coaching, teaching and encouragement
  • An understanding of the importance of life coaching, counseling, life skills training and personal development to accomplish long-lasting life change
  • A cooperative spirit committed to participating in the responsibility of living in community
  • Pregnant or parenting 1-2 children under the age of three
  • Alcohol, drug, cigarette and vape free for at least three months
  • No active felony charges and not under probation or parole supervision