Our Stories

Families are being transformed at Thrive. Their stories are beautiful and filled with hope for the future.



br-lazy" My experience at Thrive is one I will never forget. At Thrive you truly become part of the family. They fill you up with unconditional love and support as you go through the tough things that come with life. With their help I was able to make myself whole again. If you put in the work and effort, they will do anything in their power to help you and your family.

story 3


br-lazy" I have been at Thrive for a year and seven months. What I have experienced at Thrive is learning parenting skills, budgeting, and how to manage time with my kids while also working. I also achieved and got my security officer license and driver’s license. I learned how to build friendships/family relationships. Everyone that works there loves the kids and me and is very caring. 

story 2


br-lazy" Thrive has been a blessing in disguise. It has been a safe place, a loving atmosphere, and a safe haven. Thrive has taught me to learn to love myself again as well as regain the feeling of being loved, learning to love my children and grow as a mother. Als, growing in my own identity in a healthy and loving way.  Transitional Housing has helped me to become self-sufficient. I'm learning to budget and have a chance to show the skills that I have learned at Thrive. For example, being able to parent my children the right way. Applying what was taught such as eating dinner together as a family, fixing meals together, and being able to combine set routines within my little household. Being in transitional housing has given me the opportunity to show that I am capable of parenting my children in a healthy setting. I will use what I was taught to parent them, and it has given me the freedom to be a mother, knowing I had Thrive and all the loving staff behind me and guiding me. It gave me potential and responsibility and a chance in general to be able to do and be better while having a safety net (Thrive Family) right behind me. It gave me hope that it can be done and that there are loving people who love you, even when they don’t know you, and it seems all else has failed. Thrive has been my angel that led to blessings in disguise for me and my family. I am truly blessed and grateful beyond measure.