About Us

At Thrive we see each person as unique, precious, and worthy of our personal investment into their life. Our desire to come alongside each mom, leading her to sustainable stability, is a guiding principle for our team. 


"May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children. May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."

Psalms‬ 115:14-15‬ NIV

Thrive is a safe haven where heart transformation leads to life transformation. Our vision is to see pregnant women and single mothers reach their God-given potential.

As we meet the physical needs of each woman and her children, she can focus on becoming strong and wise. She’s given the opportunity to further her education, receive job training, and learn how to care for herself, her children and her home.

Full length portrait of a happy cheerful woman wearing hat

What Makes Thrive Different?

It’s not about a “one-size-fits-all” way of thinking. Our incredible staff works with each woman to create a unique plan for her life, to develop skills and to acquire tools to accomplish her goals.

Thrive is dedicated to remaining fully dependent on God to work through individual donors, the local church, ministry relationships, foundations and organizations to meet the needs of the program without receiving government funding.

Transformation – We believe that life transformation can begin when people realize a whole and healthy life is possible for them through the grace of God, the Word of God, and reliance on the Holy Spirit in their lives. We are deeply committed to the teaching and study of God’s Word, directly from the scriptures, and its personal application in our lives.

Hope-Filled – We make the daily decision to choose hope, for our staff as well as for the women and children we are serving. No one is too far gone.

Restoration – We are a safe haven for women and their children to not only find refuge, but to heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are a family who seeks to love like Jesus. We know that for many women, we may be the first and only example of what a healthy family looks like.

Integrity – We believe that we are accountable to our God, our clients, and our supporters to be diligent, generous and prayerful with all we are given. Our God provides. Every blessing He pours out on us is received and shared with great care.

Vision – We seek to fix our eyes on God’s will for the mission. We remain forward thinking and make our decisions with consideration of the impact on the mission today and in the future, to remain relevant to the communities we are serving.

Empowering – WE seek to empower women and their children with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to achieve their God-given potential.